We offer the states BEST artists. We specialize in art; Drawing up  completely custom,

 one-of-a-kind pieces that fit your budget but more importantly, fit YOU

         "Good art ain't cheap and cheap art ain't good" -Sailor Jerry

"Don't price shop, you might just get what you paid for" -Author unknown

Swing  on down and see what the artists 


Anarchy ink Tattoos can do for you!

         We accept American Express, Discover card, Mastercard and Visa.

Who we are: 

We are a Custom Tattoo studio. We take pride in maintaining a friendly and welcoming environment welcoming all walks of life.

We are conveniently located just a few blocks north of 68th street on Division. 

More specifically: 

      6568 Division Ave S. Grand

 Rapids, MI 49548.

Directly across from Sandi's family restaurant on Division

 between 60th and 68th street.  Next to Party house Liquor

 Store. Come see our new bigger location!

We are the only professional studio in Michigan who offers  Vegan friendly Tattoo ink. It promotes healthier and shorter healing times! Since it is natural based, it means your skin will reject less of the pigment. It also promotes fuller and deeper color transitions and saturation and is NEVER tested on Animals. 

We specialize in custom one-of-a-kind tattoos that are anything from mild to wild. 

We unfortunately no longer offer Piercings at this time.

We try to work with our customers budget and do all we can to give them that one-of-a-kind piece for a price they can afford! Our portfolios are a shining example of the artwork we produce! Stop down and see our work in person. We look forward to working with you.


What we offer to our clientele.

We have one of the states BEST watercolor tattoo artists around, Amanda. We all share the love of the the art of tattooing. While all our artists are talented, each one brings something unique to the table. we have: Tatt2Dave, Amanda Mischief, Billy Joe Meinke, William(Bill) Glady and Joe Thurlby.

We offer the latest in custom tattooing, at a price everyone can afford.

The Brands we carry.

We only use the best of the best, from our tattoo equipment, to our pigments. Including:

Vegan ink. 

Castille Soap which is all natural and fair trade and cruelty free!

Distilled water so no risk of hidden chemicals on your skin.

We pride ourselves on being able to produce art from your imagination to your skin in a safe, sterile and friendly environment!

We are state certified and licensed by the Kent County Board of Health and the Michigan Department of Health. Our license number is BA-0000587

We ONLY use single use tattooing needles and we run the most strict sterility practices in the state.

We are certified by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to show we are a responsible medical waste generator. Certificate #59914.

You can Email us at: www.AnarchyinkTattoos@yahoo.com Or by phone,

Call to schedule your appointment today! 


 We want to be your first and last stop for tattoos.


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In January 2011 Anarchy Ink Tattoos L.L.C opened its doors with the dream of being different. Our goal was to provide a clean and comfortable environment where our customer's opinions matter. We like to think of ourselves of a Tattoo Guide in addition to being a tattoo artist. We take pride in building our customers ideas into a reality on their skin. We understand the tattoo is an extension of you and your the one who has to live with it. We help guide that idea onto your skin and make it as comfortable of a process as possible!

Our artists in depth

Artist, Amanda Mischief: She has been studying the art and business side of tattooing for over five years now. She is making a name for herself by developing her own style focusing on everything from brightly colored flowers to the popular watercolor designs. She takes pride in making each and every customer feel like they came in a stranger and left as a friend with a permanent artistic souvenir. 

Artist, William (Bill) Glady: Bill, as he is known buy his customers; is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to precise line work and crisp lettering. He has been involved with art and interested in the art of tattooing since very young and has had a greater appreciation in the fine art of tattooing for a multitude of years. 

Artist, Billy Joe Meinke: Billy has been tattooing all over Michigan for the past 11 years and it shows in his artwork! His customers have been enjoying his style of art work for longer than he has been tattooing with his paintings and wood carvings.  His style includes portrait work and "color bomb" and black and grey work. We like to call Billy a "billy jack of all trades." 

Artist, Joe Thurlby: Joe has been tattooing primarily in the state of Michigan for the past ten plus years. He has tattooed all over the country and enjoyed traveling sharing his gift of art. He enjoys fine detailed work, black and grey but also excels at color styles from traditional to neo-traditional and new school. Stop down and check him out.

Artist/Owner: Dave "Tatt2Dave" as he is known by his fellow artists in the industry; takes pride in making sure the customers get treated with the respect they deserve. He loves the art of tattooing and has been continually sharpening his skills in and around Grand Rapids since 1995. He is some one who does it for the love of the art  NOT for the paycheck. He has tattooed in the convention scene and at  Harley Davidson Rally's all over from the Black Hills Rally in Sturgis South Dakota to Daytona bike week in Florida. Dave will make sure you leave with a amazing tattoo and an experience you will never forget. 

We here at Anarchy ink Tattoos L.L.C. would like you to know.

Anarchy ink Tattoos LLC is the premier tattoo and piercing studio in Michigan. First and foremost, we take pride in the fact that the studio is one of the cleanest tattoo shops in the industry and in the state. The studio was one of the first tattoo shops in Michigan to pass the State Health Department's "Body Art Facility License" inspection in 2011. We are state certified and licensed by the Kent County Board of Health and the Michigan Department of Health. 
Our state license number is: BA-0000358.

All of our artists are certified with Principals of Blood borne Pathogens & Infection Control for the body modification industry .

The studio is equipped with hospital level sterilization Autoclave and ultrasonics and our procedures to clean utensils are guided by OSHA standards. 

State certified after care instructions for your tattoo.

Approximate healing for your new tattoo is two to four (2-4) weeks. You will need: antibacterial fragrance-free soap, Aquaphor ointment and fragrance free skin lotion.

Your new tattoo should be bandaged for approximately one hour. Wash your hands with soap and water and carefully remove bandage. Thoroughly wash the entire area with antibacterial soap with warm water. Use a paper towel to pat dry or let area air dry for a few minutes. Apply a thin layer of aquaphor two to four times daily (thin, thin, THIN!!). After three to four days you can switch to a fragrance free skin lotion. When showering DO NOT let the water directly run on your new tattoo.

    * Do not re-bandage your tattoo. You need to let it breathe.

    * Avoid sunlight on your tattoo for a few weeks.

    * Do not submerge your tattoo in salt water, chlorine water, hot tubs or bath water for two weeks.

    * Your tattoo will flake, itch, and peel. DO NOT pick at your tattoo.

    * Pat your tattoo gently if it itches.

    * A mild skin lotion will keep the flaking to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns about your tattoo contact your artist at Anarchy Ink Tattoos 616-551-7282. In addition, you should seek medical attention if your tattoo becomes infected or extremely painful, or if you develop a fever shortly after being tattooed.

Public Act 149, which was enacted Dec 2007, indicates that individuals shall not tattoo, brand or perform body piercings on another individual unless the tattooing, branding, or body piercing occurs at a body art facility licensed by the state of Michigan Department of Community Health. Body art facilities are required to be in compliance with the "Requirements for Body Art Facilities" which provide guidelines for safe and sanitary body art administration. As with any invasive procedure, body art may involve possible health risks. These health risks include, but are not limited to: transmissions of blood borne diseases such as HIV, and viral hepatitis, skin disorders, skin infections, and allergic reactions. In addition persons with certain conditions including, but not limited to, diabetes, hemophilia or epilepsy are at a higher risk or complications and should consult a doctor before undergoing a body art procedure. If you wish to file a complaint against a body art facility related to compliance with PA 149 or have concerns about potential health risks, please visit www.Michigan.gov/bodyart.

A word from your artist:

The body modification industry has been considered an anomaly in the business world to most outsiders for many decades. It is a common opinion of the general population that there is not a professional side to the "business" we like to call tattooing. Much of the "un-inked" community would like to turn up their noses and brand this art studio as a self-mutilation center or a place where "angry teenagers who hate their parents" like to hangout. There is actually so much more to a tattoo studio than even meets the eye... or skin.

Before the birth of Kat VonD and Hollywood icons who have glamorized the industry, there was the art of tattooing. It was a skill. It was an craft. It was a right of passage. There were elaborate ceremonies announcing  a boys journey to the life of becoming a man. Leaders would mark this transition with permanent scars and ink on his body. In other cultures tattoos were status symbols or even declarations of love in some cases. 

What would you think if I told you that the man responsible for the light bulb was also the man responsible for the beginnings of the first tattoo machine? I feel more than certain that when Thomas Alva Edison invented his electric pen he never dreamed it would later be modified and used to embellish the skin. It wasn't until almost 20 years later that the machine was altered and used for tattooing purposes. Just one of the many amazing inventions Mr. Edison is responsible for. I have a personal respect for Thomas Edison, without the genius and passion he possessed, I wouldn't be able to do many aspects of my job today.

I haven't been in the business as long as most of my friends,  most of my colleagues and any of my mentors. I find myself to be very lucky that I am still green when it comes to ink on the human body. There are many artists that you may encounter that will tattoo you because its their job and because if they don't... they cant afford their vices. While it is important to find an artist with talent and experience, it is also important to find an artist with passion and drive. Many artists that have been in the business for years have already accomplished their most amazing work of their career, and it wasnt on you. It was years ago when they tattooed because everyday was something new, because everyday they were allowed the chance to bring someones dream to life on their body in ink. They still had the ambition to draw and paint because it relaxed them and gave them peace in their heart. I have encountered many outstanding tattoo artists that can put ink on your skin in a way that will leave you speechless, impressed and utterly uplifted. I can tell you there names but you will not know them. They are not famous, and they will never be, but only because they chose to tattoo for the love of it.

When you chose to stop learning it means you stopped caring. Not necessarily about people, but it means you stopped trying to improve yourself which is more important than anything else in the world. When you see a tattoo artist and surmise; "Drug addict" or "Hack" you might be right.. But you might also be missing out on an opportunity to witness someone so talented and so passionate about a gift they were given that they will be willing to share it with you.


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